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Our mission at Rancho Cordova Family Taekwondo Academy is to build a strong, independent individual through our professional and exciting Taekwondo Programs. Our academy puts emphasis on education, good character, citizenship, self-defense, self-discipline, confidence, and much more. Our academy is a member of the Korea Taekwondo Moo Duk Association (KTMA) and we are a Kukkiwon-certified school. Our academy uses an international curriculum and a professionally structured teaching system set by the Kukkiwon and Moo duk kwan.

2018 Grand Nationals 

Black Belt Ceremony

Tenets of Taekwondo


One must be courteous both in class and in their personal life. Courtesy is an action symbolizing respect. The person without courtesy has no respect for others or for themselves. The practice of courtesy leads to respect and is therefore highly valued.


Integrity is honesty. A person must be honest with others and their self in order to achieve anything worthwhile in life. A facet of integrity is loyalty to oneself, family, principles, friends, associates and their country

Perfection of self is a universal value and in Taekwondo, we must persevere through physical, mental and spiritual trials to attain our personal improvement.


Controlled power is useful, power out of control is destructive. One must control and direct energies to some benefit or face the consequences of the destruction caused by the lack of control.


This is the strength to do what is necessary and right regardless of consequence. Persons with this spirit have changed the world. 

indomitable Spirit

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